Thursday, 29 November 2012

Get your party face on...

Its that time of year ....lots of parties and not much time to get ready for them.

Here are a couple of quick, fun and easy tricks to bring you from drab to fab in a few minutes. - best to do one or two of these not all of them!

1.  For a bit of fun use a fine glitter eyeliner such as this Stila ($15) one from  looks best on top of a dark liquid liner.  Sportsgirl also does a cheap but effective one also ($9.95).

2. Grab a bright lipstick such as YSL new Glossy Stain $31 from it instantly makes you look fresher.

3. Put on a bright pop of fluro colour on your nails - looks great while your holding your many glasses.

4.  Shimmer Shimmer...dust your shoulders, cheekbones with a light but shimmery powder.  I use Stila Shimmer Powder in Kitten inspired by light, Stila's All Over Simmer Duo in Kitten creates a luminous, youthful glow. $22 from 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

How your makeup in 5 minutes

Here is how to do your makeup in 5 minutes in the morning.

  1. Put on a tinted moisturiser - it will even out skin tone and protect it during the day. 1 min
  2. Put on a rosy cheek either powder or creme blush - just on the apple of your cheek - smile and apply. 1 min
  3. Conceal around the dark circles and obvious blemishes on your face 1 min
  4. Do a wash of colour on your eye with a light neutral eyeshadow - 30 sec
  5. Use a good mascara - 30 sec
  6. Use a fresh, neutral but pinky glossy lip  - 30 sec
  7. Stand back and admire yourself - 30 seconds

You should end up looking a bit like this:

Photo: Terence Langendoen, Hair Caj, Makeup Bernadette Fisers

I am loving.....everything 20's..

I really like the trend of the moment which has hit overseas but not here as yet...which is 20's style hair.  short fringed bobs, like on Halle Berry for Vogue or Marcel Waves for Prada.....timeless

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I am loving.....everything oriental

Vogue Japan by Michael Thompson

I've alway really loved working on Asian faces, I guess that's no surprise considering I've worked in Hong Kong, China and Singapore!   - and with this year's Oriental trend - hopefully I will be doing a lot more of that!

Vogue China cover

On set with....Who Weekly

Worked on the latest Who Weekly cover with all of the Dancing With The Stars girls.  Was great fun.  Pierre Toussaint shot it - really quickly too!  I'm hoping Hayley Bracken wins as she is such a sweetheart!

All about.....Nail Foils

One of the most popular fads in nails at the moment are Nail Foils.  They are a foil or sticker that sit on top of your nail, they come in loads of colours and patterns.  They are mostly popular in plain gold and silver.   They differ to nail polish because they are extremely metallic - almost like you have a gold nail, plus the patterns available are almost impossible to do with nailpolish.

They are great if you want really funky looking nails and best of all they don't chip and last for weeks.
You can do them yourself by buying the Blixz ones as I have found them the easiest to apply.  Simple put the precut sticker onto your nail and trim to your nail size.  They cost around the $15 for a pack - which is still cheaper than a manicure...and I'll bet a lot longer wearing!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

i am loving.....weaving and braiding

I just love braided hair....maybe I've got some latent calisthenic, weird thing going on.  Anyway seems I'm not the only one and it has popped up again at Sarah Burton's Paris show.  It's such an easy thing to make your own too.  But of a braid, combined with a messy updo tends to look pretty good!

If you want to try it yourself check out www.dreamweaverbraiding for some really good step by step  instructions.

On set with.....Terence Langendoen

Did a great shot of Chloe from Scene Models with Terence.....check it out!

and Cracker Barrel.... the model is Santos who flew in from New York for the job and it was shot by Brock from Sydney.....

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I am loving.....the new MAC campaign.

Gotta love this look....

It's from the new MAC Spring Summer Collection 2011.  Love all the pastels....think i'm inspired!

Also I love the new Louis Vuitton advertising that has been everywhere lately.  How could you not love those extremely glossy eyelids, together with that super sleek hair!

On Set with....Chris Budgeon

Been working on an exhibition over the last year with the fabulous Chris Budgeon.  Its a modern day study of masculinity, here is a shot from the shoot last week......notice anything?

Micro Crimpin' it......

Remember crimping your hair in the 80's  - well it's back and this time it's done with a Micro Crimper.  Micro crimping gives a really intense tiny crimp,  which when done over the entire head makes your hair about triple the size.  Brush it out for a really etheral look;  or put it up or tie it back.  It's a really great look that i particularly love in an updo.

My favourite Micro Crimper is the Babyliss Micro Crimper which is $79.95 from Catwalk.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding....beautiful....but not amazing....

I was glued to the TV last Friday night along with billions of other people in order to catch a glimpse of the new bride (Kate Middleton) in her wedding dress.  I was wondering what she would do with her hair and what her makeup would be like.....the dress was no surprise...Alexander McQueen.

Her hair i thought was pretty....but ordinary and her makeup was really ordinary, I mean she could have looked like that going shopping in my book - She's marrying a Prince...HELLO!  Where is the glamour?  Where is the WOW factor?   Where is the Sparkle!

But just in case you want to look like her on your wedding is how it was done.  Her hair was done by her usual hairdressers (of 10 years) and looked tonged - on a large size tong, with teasing at the crown, a slight asymmetrical part with the sides pulled back and pinned under the veil.

I've heard a very strong rumour that she did her own makeup.  And this is what it looked like: a pretty rosy cheek done with a pink blush on the apple of the cheek, with a light pink glossy lip.  Her eye makeup was a black liner mixed with a grey shadow and a beige eyeshadow blended in.  Eyeliner was also used under the eye and gently smudged.  Start with a good foundation and top it off with lots of mascara and hey presto - I'm a princess!

I am loving....all things red..

Now that it's the beginning of Autumn and all of the trees are turning a beautiful shade of orange, yellow and red I am finding that I am really liking all things red!

Red lipstick and red hair are going to be BIG this hurry up...... and colour up!  An easy way to wear a red lip is with a fairly nude or goldy/brown eye.

Photos: Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Turkey and Jedroot

Sunday, 1 May 2011

All about Lip Stains....

Lip Stains are another form of Lipstick, the difference with them is that they are actually staining your lips rather than sitting on top of them, unlike a lipstick or gloss.  Most lipstains will leave your lips feeling a bit dryer than a lipstick - they are mostly a matt finish.  Lipstains can also be really long wearing, as they get into the skin, a bit like when you stained your lips as a kid with iceypoles or lollies.

I've had a few requests to use them this week from clients because they really dislike feeling that they have anything on their lips; or they may be getting married and don't want to leave a trail of lipstick behind them. So I have been looking into them and this is what i have come up with.
  1. Its good to buy them in the "pen" form as they go on exactly where you want them and you can have a really exact or sharp lip line if you like, a bit like using a texta on your lips.
  2. Sometimes the colour on the "pen" is not what it looks like on your lips, so try on your inside arm before buying.
  3. The Revlon and Smashbox tints have a good moisturising balm on the end of the pen.
  4. The Benetint stains by Benefit in red (benetint) and pink (posietint) are great and you get exactly what is in the bottle so no colour problems.
  5. The Laura Mercier stains are beautiful and feel less drying but don't last as long because they are more a cream emollient than a stain.
  6. A quick trick is to use a little on your cheek area also - looks like a rosy cheek.
In summary best value lip tint is Revlon "Just Bitten" $15.97 from - good colours and strong pigmentation plus a moisturising tip.

followed by benetint or posietint from Benefit at $28US if you buy online.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

colour, colour and more colour

With Makeup its really fashionable right now to use lots of colour on the face.  If you're going to attempt this then be careful that you don't end up looking like a clown.  Probably the best advice i can give in this regard is pick your best feature, and make that the focus.  Unlike the picture below which just looks fabulous...because well she is just fabulous, shot beautifully and retouched very nicely - thankyou!.

China Vogue

If it's your fabulous pouty lips then put a bold colour on them. - (See Hot Lips Post)  If your going to try a fushia pink lip say....then try to use a toned down pink as a blush, and only use a little colour on your eyes - possibly a bright liquid eyeliner in green.  I like the Jemma Kidd ones - they are really vibrant and slightly metallic - and they really stay put.  

Liquid eyeliner is a bit tricky to'll need a steady hand and possibly a Qtip (cotton bud) - with makeup remover on it to clean up any mistakes straight away.  See the Andrea ones that I love at $3.50 a tub they are a bargain.  Buy from

If your eyes are the most fabulous feature then try a vibrant eyeshadow - possibly a new creme eyeshadow 'Burn it Blue' by Nars . Buy from for $33.   Follow that up with a natural or slightly pinky toned gloss - maybe one of my favourites Chihuahua by Nars.  Also from for $24.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

rainbow hair

photo: Vogue

I am loving all the colourful hair that is around at the moment.  Whether it's a pink wig on Lady Gaga

Photo: Andy Vukosav - Coco Productions

or long blue synthetic wigs in an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot that I did with the fab Andy Vukosav from Coco Productions

Photo: jedroot

Photo Italian Vogue

or yellow and orange hair in recent Italian Vogue editorials your own thing

The easiest way to do your own interpretation of adding colour to your hair is with synthetic clip in wefts.  And they would look more like this - which are in the latest Top Shop campaigns:

Here's what they look like out of the head.  They cost about $8 - buy them on ebay -  and come in loads of colours, and are really easy to clip in - just lift up a section of hair, pick up the section underneath that and clip the piece in - go for it! 

what i love right now...


German Vogue

love the makeup, love the 80's hair, love the butterflys...what's not to love

I adore the hair in the Alexander McQueen show with all the clips....they also did it with black clips is what it looked like in the actual show.

Love it!


Probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get is what is a good foundation.....well that question is all relative to what exactly you're looking for - a few things to take into consideration are:
  • how old you are
  • how much coverage or how "see through" you want it to be
  • degree of dewyness  - or sheen that you want.
  • does it have an spf
  • how much money do you want to spend
Here are a few foundations that i really like and why....

ShuUemura Face architect - good even coverage with a slight sheen - kinder to older skin, lots of good colours


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer - very dewy sheer foundation great for a younger glowy skin


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind - good coverage, good texture, good price, good spf

MAC Select Moistureblend - medium coverage, light spf, good colours.


Remember when trying to find the right colour foundation for you try it on or around the collarbone - and absolutely have a good look at it in daylight, not just in the stores.  This way you will look the same colour from your chest up and eliminate the telltale mask line around your face.   I also usually advise to buy 2 foundations - one which is the lightest you will be in winter and a second one which is the darkest you will be in summer.  That way you can mix the 2 colours in order to get the right colour for yourself throughout the year.

cheap and fabulous

Sometimes you come across those cheap but amazing cosmetic and hair products.  Here are a couple of my recent discoveries.

I just love, and i mean really love Dove Tinted Moisturiser - it only comes in 2 shades Beige and Honey - buy both and mix.  It gives a beautiful dewy but light coverage and has a SPF 15.  Can't get more fabulous than that! $8.99 and available in most supermarkets!

Sportsgirl blush.

It's highly reflective and makes for a great shimmer on your cheek - good skin only thanks!  They also have something called Get Cheeky $9.95;  which is a little less reflective but still great.  Comes in a pink and a brown tone.  I like the pink for the apple of the cheek.

again it's Sportsgirl and its their Body Shimmer - for instant, glowing tanned legs and arms at $9.95.

Natural Look - hair food  have the most amazing Hair Treatment  - its called Intensive Reconstructive Treatment for dry, damaged, permed or coloured hair - isn't that all of us! Less than $10.

dry shampoo and powders not just for your grandma!

Powdery Blonde Hair on Kate Winslet for April 2011 UK great does she look!

There are a lot of new dry shampoos on the market......makes you wonder it because no one is washing their hair anymore....all too busy....or do they have another use..... traditionally it is used when your hair is a little oily and you don't have time to wash it you just spray some dry shampoo on your hair at the roots and hey presto.....fresh non oily hair!

Well the answer is...they have another use.  If you have fine fly away hair and you want your hair to have a bit more grit and grab - in other words - hang onto the style a bit longer then maybe try spraying it first - at the roots -  with a dry shampoo.    I like Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair at about $30 it's more pricey than others.  Buy from

Powdery or matt looking hair is really popular in the mags at the moment.   One that I like is OSiS Dust It - Mattifying Powder by Schwarzkopf.   It gives a soft matt look.  Its similiar to the popular Bumble & Bumble powder  that has been really popular overseas - its half the price though.   

This powder will give that "second day" look and feel instantly.  Will add great volume; works especially great on fine hair!  Really good for creating that bed head look.  At around $20 its good value - buy from

Direction for powder use:
  • sprinkle a small amount of powder into palms and rub together
  • rake through hair and lift into style for matt finish and natural touch
  • for extra root volume apply directly to roots
  • for extra separation, apply more powder in small amounts where needed