Saturday, 30 April 2011

colour, colour and more colour

With Makeup its really fashionable right now to use lots of colour on the face.  If you're going to attempt this then be careful that you don't end up looking like a clown.  Probably the best advice i can give in this regard is pick your best feature, and make that the focus.  Unlike the picture below which just looks fabulous...because well she is just fabulous, shot beautifully and retouched very nicely - thankyou!.

China Vogue

If it's your fabulous pouty lips then put a bold colour on them. - (See Hot Lips Post)  If your going to try a fushia pink lip say....then try to use a toned down pink as a blush, and only use a little colour on your eyes - possibly a bright liquid eyeliner in green.  I like the Jemma Kidd ones - they are really vibrant and slightly metallic - and they really stay put.  

Liquid eyeliner is a bit tricky to'll need a steady hand and possibly a Qtip (cotton bud) - with makeup remover on it to clean up any mistakes straight away.  See the Andrea ones that I love at $3.50 a tub they are a bargain.  Buy from

If your eyes are the most fabulous feature then try a vibrant eyeshadow - possibly a new creme eyeshadow 'Burn it Blue' by Nars . Buy from for $33.   Follow that up with a natural or slightly pinky toned gloss - maybe one of my favourites Chihuahua by Nars.  Also from for $24.

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