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lash out...on eyelashes

I want to talk about all the ways which you can thicken, lengthen and generally just have fab lashes!  This is a shot from a shoot I did for Ink Hair where the model has Individual Lashes on.

A la Natural.....

The most natural way to do it would be to use the ShuUemura Curler (buy at strawberrynet) - which has a cult following- and for a reason  - ITS THE BEST -  followed by a great mascara.  Don't mascara then curl - you'll rip out valuable lashes as the mascara will stick to the curler.

I've also tried the heated eyelash curler which is really just a warm wand that you put up against your eyelashes that lifts them slightly.  Possibly not as effective as the ShuUemera Curler.

Most makeup artist tend to use the Maybelline mascaras.  Probably because they are a reasonable price and we tend to use and throw them pretty quickly because mascara is really the first thing to go "off" in your kit. I also like the little wands that they have.  This one is my fave of the moment.  Comes in waterproof as well as normal formula.  I like the brush because it is easy to get into those inside, hard to get at eyelashes.

Faking It

The way that I do it on fashion shoots and by far my most favorite  is to use Ardell Individual Lashes

They come in 2 colours - Brown and Black - use brown if you're a blonde or redhead, black for others.
They come in 4 sizes - Exta Short, Short, Medium and Long.
They come in 2 types - Knot  and Knot free or Natural

For most people Short and Medium are the only 2 sizes that you should be using.  The others are just wayyyy too long and you'll look like a drag queen!  Extra Short is usually used on older (60+) people who want an extremely natural look and no length added.

Using a mixture of 2 sizes is something that i regularly do.  So i might use about 8 short ones and then 5 medium ones on the ends.  Dont be scungy with them...2 on the ends is not going to make you look hot.

The difference between the knotted and non knotted are that the knotted ones have a little dot where all the hairs join up at the base of the lash.  Either are good, knotted tend to work well if you are using a liner as well on your eye.  I use a mixture of both.  The best place to buy is - its absolutely the cheapest place to buy them online.

As far as the glue goes that you use them with I like Duo which is a latex glue and dries clear - you can also buy it in black.  I prefer clear.

Permanent False Lashes

I've seen a lot of this around lately and i am not overly thrilled with it because i have seen lashes put on to a different angle of your own lashes which just looks weird and when they start falling out -  again just looks weird.

It's an expensive option which may be for some people that have the dollars to keep it up.  

Basically single lashes - 1 lash hair - gets grafted onto your lashes with glue.  It takes about an hour to get this done - while you lie flat on your back -  and they vary in length and thickness again - they also vary in cost.  Your looking at close to $150 to get started....and then you have to upkeep them - monthly - because they eventually fall out -  which will cost you about another $70 per month.  So it's not cheap - at all.    

If you follow the "rules" of these lashes and don't mascara them, don't spray water  directly on them from the shower, and sleep in a particular way (not straight on your face - Ha) then they last longer.

Lash Rows

To me this is the ' old fashioned ' way of doing lashes - remember the 60's and the monster lashes - really fun and great for parties.  There are loads to choose from - including feather ones - see Shu Uemura and glitter  options.  Lots of different lengths and styles and colours.

Again Madame Madeline have the best and cheapest ones.  Make sure that you cut them to fit your eye size.  This is done by putting the lash on top of your eyelash and looking at how far it sits past your eye then grabbing some little scissors - remove the eyelash first of course!  and trimming it up

check out for some really cool but expensive lashes.

photo: Browyn Kidd - Coco Productions

Here is a row of lashes that i made for Australian Opera (the Ice Queen) that looked pretty cool - but really uncomfortable for the model to wear.


Yep - you can get your lashes permed for about $40.    

What happens is your eyelashes are rolled onto a rod, which comes in different sizes depending on the length of your lashes and the amount of curl needed.  You keep your eyes closed - tightly - for about 25 minutes during that time the perming solution is applied - 15 min later the neutralizer is applied.  After all the chemicals are washed off have curled lashes that last for about a month.  

I've seen really good examples of this - especially on Asian eyes where the lash tends to grow straight down....the main downside to this is all the chemicals...yuk...especially around the delicate eye area.  Another downside can be that if they don't roll the lashes on evenly you will have lashes going in all different directions.   Also remember not to get this done too often as the lashes can get over processed.

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