Wednesday, 27 April 2011

new stuff for your hair

There's a fairly new tool around which is a conical wand.  It makes beautiful 40's style waves - when brushed out or georgeous ringlets.

Its not like a curling iron where it has the bar to hold the hair onto the wand - this you just wrap around with your hands and then hold it there, use it with a heat glove on one hand- so that you don't burn your fingers. (less than $20)    Reason being it doesn't have a clip to keep the hair onto the wand and you need to hold it there with your fingers.   I have the Babyliss Pro  ($90) one but have recently seen that the cheaper Vidal Sasson  - only $59 one is just as hot (200 degrees) and is the same size  - BARGAIN!

This is what it does:

or brush it out - preferably with a Mason Pearson Brush, which are the Rolls Royce of hairbrushes - or a wide tooth comb ........

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