Sunday, 1 May 2011

All about Lip Stains....

Lip Stains are another form of Lipstick, the difference with them is that they are actually staining your lips rather than sitting on top of them, unlike a lipstick or gloss.  Most lipstains will leave your lips feeling a bit dryer than a lipstick - they are mostly a matt finish.  Lipstains can also be really long wearing, as they get into the skin, a bit like when you stained your lips as a kid with iceypoles or lollies.

I've had a few requests to use them this week from clients because they really dislike feeling that they have anything on their lips; or they may be getting married and don't want to leave a trail of lipstick behind them. So I have been looking into them and this is what i have come up with.
  1. Its good to buy them in the "pen" form as they go on exactly where you want them and you can have a really exact or sharp lip line if you like, a bit like using a texta on your lips.
  2. Sometimes the colour on the "pen" is not what it looks like on your lips, so try on your inside arm before buying.
  3. The Revlon and Smashbox tints have a good moisturising balm on the end of the pen.
  4. The Benetint stains by Benefit in red (benetint) and pink (posietint) are great and you get exactly what is in the bottle so no colour problems.
  5. The Laura Mercier stains are beautiful and feel less drying but don't last as long because they are more a cream emollient than a stain.
  6. A quick trick is to use a little on your cheek area also - looks like a rosy cheek.
In summary best value lip tint is Revlon "Just Bitten" $15.97 from - good colours and strong pigmentation plus a moisturising tip.

followed by benetint or posietint from Benefit at $28US if you buy online.

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