Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding....beautiful....but not amazing....

I was glued to the TV last Friday night along with billions of other people in order to catch a glimpse of the new bride (Kate Middleton) in her wedding dress.  I was wondering what she would do with her hair and what her makeup would be like.....the dress was no surprise...Alexander McQueen.

Her hair i thought was pretty....but ordinary and her makeup was really ordinary, I mean she could have looked like that going shopping in my book - She's marrying a Prince...HELLO!  Where is the glamour?  Where is the WOW factor?   Where is the Sparkle!

But just in case you want to look like her on your wedding is how it was done.  Her hair was done by her usual hairdressers (of 10 years) and looked tonged - on a large size tong, with teasing at the crown, a slight asymmetrical part with the sides pulled back and pinned under the veil.

I've heard a very strong rumour that she did her own makeup.  And this is what it looked like: a pretty rosy cheek done with a pink blush on the apple of the cheek, with a light pink glossy lip.  Her eye makeup was a black liner mixed with a grey shadow and a beige eyeshadow blended in.  Eyeliner was also used under the eye and gently smudged.  Start with a good foundation and top it off with lots of mascara and hey presto - I'm a princess!

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