Tuesday, 7 June 2011

All about.....Nail Foils

One of the most popular fads in nails at the moment are Nail Foils.  They are a foil or sticker that sit on top of your nail, they come in loads of colours and patterns.  They are mostly popular in plain gold and silver.   They differ to nail polish because they are extremely metallic - almost like you have a gold nail, plus the patterns available are almost impossible to do with nailpolish.

They are great if you want really funky looking nails and best of all they don't chip and last for weeks.
You can do them yourself by buying the Blixz ones as I have found them the easiest to apply.  Simple put the precut sticker onto your nail and trim to your nail size.  They cost around the $15 for a pack - which is still cheaper than a manicure...and I'll bet a lot longer wearing!

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