Thursday, 29 November 2012

Get your party face on...

Its that time of year ....lots of parties and not much time to get ready for them.

Here are a couple of quick, fun and easy tricks to bring you from drab to fab in a few minutes. - best to do one or two of these not all of them!

1.  For a bit of fun use a fine glitter eyeliner such as this Stila ($15) one from  looks best on top of a dark liquid liner.  Sportsgirl also does a cheap but effective one also ($9.95).

2. Grab a bright lipstick such as YSL new Glossy Stain $31 from it instantly makes you look fresher.

3. Put on a bright pop of fluro colour on your nails - looks great while your holding your many glasses.

4.  Shimmer Shimmer...dust your shoulders, cheekbones with a light but shimmery powder.  I use Stila Shimmer Powder in Kitten inspired by light, Stila's All Over Simmer Duo in Kitten creates a luminous, youthful glow. $22 from 

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Mindy said...

love this look!